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How It Works

  • So I found some domains that I like, how does this work?
  •    Once you locate a domain on our website that you have interest in, click on the domain's name. You'll be asked a few quick questions, and then your request is submitted to the owner of the domain name. You will get an email response, so please make sure to check it frequently. Many domains are sold to someone else because another person beat them to it. Checking your email often helps this from happening.

  • How will I obtain ownership?
  •    Owning a domain is like owning a telephone number, actually a little easier. We will assist with your account creation and make obtaining full control of the domain as simple as possible. If you already have a domain account with any other domain company, we assist you with getting the domain into your existing account. We also assist in creating new accounts.

  • Who handles payments & Escrow?
  •    If an agreement is reached, payment instructions will be provided to you. We accept Escrow as well as wire payments. We highly discourage buying and selling domain names via PayPal. Other options are available on a case by case basis.

  • There's other services I'll need to go along with my domain, can you steer me on the right path?
  •    You can ask us any question and we will be glad to help. Are there certain goals you have with your domain name? Will you need a website? These are questions you should ask yourself. More related services can be found here and here, and you can always contact us

  • Can I sell my domains at Ultimate Domains?
  •    At this time, all featured domains on this website are privately owned. Please contact us if you wish to be notified when our service is open to the public.

       Although we have taken every step to prevent mistakes in the information on our site, due to typographical and data entry errors, we reserve the right to modify any domain offering at any time. Please confirm availability with us before any payments are initiated.

  • What if I have another question?
  •    If we have not covered your question here, you're encouraged to use our online contact form and submit your comments. Who knows, maybe your question may appear here next!